Children’s Home

EPM Children Home is a part of God.
EPM Children’s Home is a House of Love dedicated to show the love of Yeshua, the Christ, among the orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable, destitute, and disadvantaged children of India; by caring, providing adequate food, clothing, education, drinking water, medical assistance and safe and secure shelter, as well as emotional and spiritual support by teaching the love of God.EPM Children’s Home

We will meet the children spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs so that they will have bright future and hope. We are working children home for Orphans and Poor children as we know the orphans,poor children in India facing the gender bias problem. Presently, we have 75 children. The children came from different tribes and different parts of villages. We are providing nutritious food, shelter and good education and also we are helping them to grow holistically i.e., physically, mentally, spiritually and socially in a family atmosphere. The Team members are working with the children doing different kinds of activities to nurture and develop them.

Because the schooling is very expensive, we ourselves started a school for these children and to reach the local poor children. The children need your prayer every day.

​Children are valuable, beautiful, good, important gifts from God with destiny and purpose. Every day the children are enjoying God’s presence.

“ One who humbles himself as a little child will be Great

In the Kingdom of heaven.”

​“Who so shall receive one such little child in my name receives me.”

We learned many lessons from the children.  We understand that we are not the rulers; but, we are the servants of God and the children. We are here to serve the children. We, as the Team feels, that it’s a great privilege to serve these children.

Child Development Center

EPM ministries Child Development Center provides opportunities that encourage healthy development in four areas — spiritual, physical, social, and economic.

EPM started  a child development center in one slum. At present many children are attending the center.  Children 26 and younger meet at the center for 2 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.
Currently we are providing some snacks given the amount of resources; however, we are praying to provide nutritious meal once or twice a week. A typical meal consists of local grains, cereals, vegetables, eggs or meat, and fruit. Most of the children get only two meals a day at home and the meals are usually not nutritious. For the malnourished children a special diet would be provided.

Orphan and Poor Children’s; We have found miserable, terrible and pathetic conditions among the little children, some children asking as directly for used clothes for them and also begging for food. When we ask them for their background we find out that they have no one to take care them. They are destitute children roaming and wandering barefoot on the roads with a big bag hanging on their shoulder; collecting the waste papers, glass pieces, plastic pieces, papers full of filthy language, and wearing dirty clothes. They are always worrying about food, sleeping at dustbins and on platforms. Some of the children work at a bar or restaurant and are being used by the owners for wrong and evil works. Some are working as dishwashers at Hotels. Some children get their food from trash bins, food which was throw out. Children often fight each other for food because of starvation and eating like dogs from leftovers thrown in the garbage. the children ultimately pick up bad habits like smoking, stealing and fighting.  They became ravagers and terrorists against the society because they have never received any parental love and therefore know only how to hate.  Being hated by most people causes them to become evil doers.   There is no one teaches them what is good and that God loves them. No parents, no education, no house, no food, no clothes, no love, no truth, no care. When I see these things, my heart feels crushed and I am in agony.  I am praying for them and trying to do good if nothing else. So I have one desire for these destitute children, and that is to start an children home, taking care of them, giving good rehabilitation, food, clothes, and education, especially making known to them the creator of this cosmos who is our heavenly Father and presenting love of Christ to their little hearts. As true Christians you and I are responsible for them. I believe that our living, loving God who created you and me and these poor children will touch your heart. We are in need of your prayers, love, and compassion and kind supports, My heart is always touched by this word James 1:27; Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after children and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. Thank you for visiting us. Bless you!