As you get in touch with the intense physical needs of the people of India, you’ll soon find out that it is difficult to hear the message of God’s love without the basic necessities of life. As followers of Jesus, we believe that we are called to simultaneously share the Good News and embody the Good News of Christ. Each year, we do this in a number of ways, including


There are approximately .65 million villages in India with around 70% of the population living in these communities, consequently the Gospel has yet to reach millions of people. Around 30% of these villagers are living below poverty line with lack of food, nutrition, accommodation, education and medical facilities. Thousands of Orphans are abandoned, along with street children, leading to disease and premature death. By helping with some of these physical needs we not only demonstrate Gods love but we are able to reach out to the spiritual needs of those who are steeped in the traditions of idol worship and set them free.

“Jesus went about all the cities and villages preaching the gospel of the kingdom” Matt 9:35

We are proclaiming the gospel in remote areas slums, tribal colonys and unreached villages and establishing house churches where believers meet in rented accommodation. A local pastor is appointed (by EPM) to take care of the spiritual needs of these churches, conduct worship and teach. Local prayer cell groups are set up as people travel from surrounding areas. Many are being led to faith in Christ and being baptised and then taken care of within the local church. We are currently working in more than 5 rural villages within two districts of AP, and have Co workers and Team.

There are numerous opportunities for evangelism, albeit sometimes with difficulties and obstacles from local village leaders. One successful model in particular is by setting up a basic cinema in the open air in villages and showing the ‘Jesus’ film in their own language. This often has far reaching effects as many people come out to watch with great curiosity. A great tool but requires much effort to set up and maintain.

Periodically we seek permission from village leaders to hold an open air event such as a gospel meeting. When held in the evening many people will attend as they will have come home from work, albeit some with suspicion. Local believers will invite friends who are curious to find out about a ‘different God’!


Village evangelism and church planting