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Naresh Eternal Peace MinistriesDear Beloved brethren and Family in Christ,

Greetings in the matchless name of our High Priest, Lord Jesus Christ.

First of all, I praise God that He has privileged me to write this letter to you for your kind consideration of Our Eternal Peace Ministries. I am Vankayalapati Naresh babu from India.  i am laboring for the lord Jesus Christ and I would like to share with you my testimony, I was sick at the young age and took to many hospitals and spent lot of Money for the medication. When I heard Message the Word of God. I began to believe in Jesus and started praying for my sickness. Our God was healed me and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior into my heart.

I have dedicated my life to serve the Lord for his kingdom. I started to burn in my hearts to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to perishing souls. I used to go for tracks distribution and hospital and prison, streets visit. As soon after I was studied Theology Education M.Th By the guidance of God and as the Vision, Which God Has given me by his Grace and His Marvelous Works, I Started His Kingdom great work and Social service at my village with Small Groups. Our ministry is mainly based on Gospel work in rural, tribal’s and remote slum areas. Our aim is to spread the gospel in every nook and corner of villages and towns and to promote it to every perishing souls.

Since God visited me and called me for his kingdom I have travelled and visited many villages in surrounding Places to proclaim the good news of Christ. This is what I saw during my visits: many children roaming the streets and begging for food; some children were picking the rags to sell for food; many children are abandoned various Villages; some children are working at the small road-side hotels as dish washers; some children’s are forced into Slavery of labor works; some children are stealing food at the train station and bus stations; some children are begging in front of the Hindu temples.

There are the incidents that deeply moved my heart to start Eternal Peace Ministries in order to help these helpless children in India. One day in the month of April, 2005, I went to  another village in order to conduct a bible class in the middle of an untouchable Village of people. That villages are Poor and orphans children’s are there, half naked, came to beg for food. When saw those little faces and I wanted to do something for them. Which that day to purchase bread and bananas for these children. I also purchased new clothes for them. They were very happy with tummies full and new clothes, but didn’t know what to do next. I left them back on the streets. These works are being done among the Hindus peoples who believe Mantras and Idol worship and among people who perform witchcraft, Sacrificing Chickens’ and goats ruthlessly. When I saw their tradition and rituals I was afraid to preach the word of Gods to Them. I have been Threatened by Hindu Priests, and Indian idol worshipers. But God has enabled me to Continue Preaching the Gospel through His Word at every Place in our areas.

The result of those prayers was that Eternal Peace Ministries was founded in 2008. I am honorably requesting you continue to work Together to become a change maker and part of our work in harvest of kingdom and With Your brotherhood.

Thanks to you…….
May God Richly bless you in all of your endeavors
Sincerely Yours. V. Naresh babu laboring for Christ in the Harvest fields.
Email : pastor@eternalpeaceministries.org