OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE; If you are an individual, group, Partners an peoples or church, we would love for you volunteer with us. There are several ways you can GET INVOLVED whether volunteering with our EPM, donating your time and talents, or travelling to India with a group to serve alongside of us. Feel free to contact us today, and let’s figure out together how you can serve alongside of Eternal Peace Ministries whether in India or right here at home!


One third of the world & poor live in India, which has a population of over 1.2 billion. More than 75% of Indian families live in remote villages more than ten miles from a main road. The scourge of aids is creating more orphans and a abuse children and India has the largest number of aids orphans in the world so education on this subject has a very important role to play.

We have heeded the call to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation,” (MARK 6:15) and we’ve chosen to do that through our various ministries. We are pleased to announce that we’ve continuously reach more children at our villages in India. every year since we first began our work there. But we’re not through. We keep a close eye on our three R’s: Rescued, Reunited, and Remaining children.

We are actively caring for about poor and orphans children at our villages — giving them small food, no shelter, clothing, and education.  With our current support, we provide one to two meals per day to these children, but we want to give them three. While our goal is to rescue more children, we know not all will be reunited with their families. Meaning, by , we’ll be caring for approximately hundreds of children. We can do a lot with a little — think five loaves and two fish!  For roughly the price of a Grande cup of coffee per day ($58 a month), we can adequately meet their physical needs and teach them their true identities as beloved children of God.