Partnership With Us

Invitation to you from Our EPM:  We invite you to support  Eternal  Peace Ministries  by giving once or regularly to our. General play a part in the expansive ministry  that we do in India. Your gift allows us to ensure that we cover our operating costs while meeting the most pressing needs on a daily basis. Monthly support  is truly one of the greatest gifts that anyone can give to our ministry. Your gift is tax deductible.

Our Strong Faith in the Lord: We are completely depending upon the Lord’s provision. God knows our needs and hears our prayers. He provides for our every need through people like you, you are His source of blessing for “our Ministry”. Therefore He has shown you about us through this way. Proverbs 3:27 whenever you are able, do good to people who need help As the lord leads you. Please try to make an effort to become a partner and sponsor for our work of Eternal peace Ministries, or perhaps you and your friends, that have a heart for Jesus, by becoming a partner or sponsor for Our EPM Ministries. We are praying to the Lord to get the required resources from agencies and churches to continue the ministry in India. please pray and consider about us. Galatians 6:7; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

Thank you for your visiting our website. Matthew 21:9 “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”  We are all at Eternal Peace Ministries would be very honored and delighted by if you would like to consider about visiting of our EPM ministries at any time. There are many different religions and idol-worshipers. The people are confused about Gods word what the Bible is telling us. So Jesus said in Matthew 28:19; therefore go and make disciples of all the nations;

There many are interesting to do his kingdom and brothers those who and youths are all here do not have any proper biblical mandate ring or sound theological educational qualifications from the Bible. There are so many villages are Harvest are Heavy Labors few and start doing gospel works at our Out Reach areas, where the Lord Show the placed to us. Continues preach the Gospel and read the bible words among the remote colony’s areas and slums and undeveloped villages. Although we are Laboring winning a number of perishing souls, leading our Ministries  under the inspiration of God.

There are uneducated children’s are giving bible classes by Our Team and your family, then they can be able to do the Lords work in a more effective way. So we have started these  bible study programs in our villages. It would be a great and wonderful blessing to all of us, if you would like to come India and stay with us in India a few days and encourage us face to face with love of Christ and deliver the truth of God’s word among the mixed people of INDIA, destitute children’s, Poor, orphans children’s, Tribals, Hindus, Muslims peoples etc…. they will change from darkness into light of Christ. Ephesians 5:8 for you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light. Please lead our people with your truth of God’s word to lead their own community. Thank you for your interesting to read this invitation letter.

Let me know about your India trips dates and thoughts. We will accompany with you any time the during your India visit and will arrange necessary things for you in India. Sincerely in Christ,  Ps. Naresh Babu Vankayala Pati.

We are doing the Lord ministry and social and children works in our areas very hardly and humble with alone. We need your spiritually encouragements for Much move works at our villages. Please be Partnership with our ministry and pray for our families. We will pray for you all, please feel free contact us at any time. Once again, thank you for you’re visiting us. Looking forward to hear from you Soon, In His Service

Our ministry is small and our hearts are big. You are always welcome to join with us